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2.5L D4D 102HP - Standard turbo replace by VN Turbo

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2.5L D4D 102HP - Standard turbo replace by VN Turbo

Postby LILO » April 16th, 2019, 5:32 pm

Hi folks,

I'm actually owning a Hiace 2003 with a 2.5L D4D 102HP engine. The turbo started to be a little bit noisy.
I was wondering if in order to get more power and reactivity I could upgrade the CT19 turbocharger to a VN Turbocharger.
FYI Toyota Thailand did this change on the Fortuner with same 2.5L D4d 102HP engine. (they also add an intercooler).

My questions are :

Can I just replace my turbo by this VN Turbo ? Does it needs to do something else than just replacing the turbo ? (Reprog the computer, change other parts, install an intercooler...)
Would it be easier and cheaper to just by one of this chip booster available on the web ? (I'm a bit sceptical on this stuff to be honest)




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