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Iasca Caribbean announces new class for SPL

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Iasca Caribbean announces new class for SPL

Postby SR » August 23rd, 2018, 5:06 pm

Iasca Caribbean is pleased to announce a new idbl class specifically for the Caribbean Region
The new XTREME class is a variation to the current international Ultimate class with the following changes

NO HIGH VOLTAGE RESTRICTIONS ON AMPLIFIERS (this is to allow the Brazilian high voltage amplifiers which are currently not allowed in any of the international spl formats)

NO RESTRICTIONS ON VEHICLE INTERIOR MODIFICATIONS (subwoofer enclosure can be forward of the b pillar)
there must be at least 24" between the sensor and any part of the subwoofer enclosure
Sensor must still be installed in the standard location on the windscreen using the judges template

Vehicles that are being strapped or bolted closed must provide a 1" diameter hole thru the front passenger window if a soft seal (oem door rubber) is not present. This is to allow a path for the sensor cable without it being damaged. The hole can then be covered with duct tape

This new class will allow any vehicle that may have been restricted in the past with the current international rules.This class is open to anyone who wishes to compete/challenge anyone in spl and scores will be recognized across the entire Caribbean.

Any vehicle that currently competes in the ULTIMATE class in crowd pleaser can enter this class.

Vehicle must still be powered by its own electrical system and has to either be driven in or pushed into the arena. There can be no towing of the vehicle into the lanes for competition nor can it ride on the back of a wrecker.

All other rules and guidelines in the iasca rule book still applies

As the Head of IASCA CARIBBEAN i am allowed to create formats that are relevant to the region so this will be sanctioned for the Caribbean.

The score set by the GR family 120y Rajendra Perai will stand as is and the vehicle will be re classed to the new XTREME class as the loudest vehicle in the Caribbean at present.

I have listened to the suggestions made (comments and complaints etc) and discussed with IASCA international Idbl judges as well as the Authorized distributors of Brazilian high voltage amplifiers since they are more readily available in the Caribbean as opposed to the international market

This format will be available from this weekend August 26th at the Affiliated event at prison grounds
If anyone requires further information please contact me 7962722 or email iascacaribbean@gmail,com

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Re: Iasca Caribbean announces new class for SPL

Postby casper » August 29th, 2018, 10:39 am



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