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NO "WTB" / "FS" / "LF" posts allowed in this forum

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NO "WTB" / "FS" / "LF" posts allowed in this forum

Postby MISHI » October 17th, 2008, 7:54 pm

Any Post that remotely resembles a user wanting to buy or sell something in the MITSUBISHI forum WILL be deleted.

Gonna slack the rules slightly to allow users in a tech thread already going (such as the CB/ CK/ CS/ CY threads) to offer a part to sell if someone has a part they cannot find.

If you are trying to get info on a specific part or issue with that part that is fine, but "LF" will be treated as "WTB" and thus will be moved/ deleted.

ANY NEW post with Cars or items to sell or to buy... or any post in the already running threads posting a bunch of parts to sell with no relation to the thread itself, will be deleted... and you will receive a warning to your profile.

Some of you seem to not read the rules, yet are quick to lay blame on us and say we are biased and so forth when your posts Do get removed.

The sticky is here for a reason... use it.

One more thing... any user continuing to post WTB or FS posts or any post that indicates you wish to by or sell despite this sticky OR being forewarned, you WILL be banned.

If you need to verify, please read the forum rules.
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