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up coming iasca events in May

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up coming iasca events in May

Postby SR » May 12th, 2013, 9:07 am

Up coming events IASCA events
Mk promotions May madness in mayaro on the 18th
Iasca Caribbean will be running a run whatya brung spl competition based on cone area classifications only all equipment must be behind the b pillar
4 classes
1-240 sq " 241-480 sq" 481-860 sq" and 861 and up aka ultimate class
if you cross the b pillar or more than 5 batteries or your voltage is over 15.5 volts you automatically go in the ultimate class

On May 19th
Fanatics and champions 2

this will is a full sanctioned single pt event for both sq and idbl
SQ starts at 10am idbl at 3pm
IASCA Caribbean will have its new display system for spectators and competitors for easier viewing of scores

its a full weekend of competition by IASCA Caribbean
for more info email or call 1 868 3423155 now also available on whatsapp.

IASCA competition format is available in over 34 countries worldwide and IASCA Caribbean Judges are internationally trained and certified as well as authorised to sanction World Record Events and train judges and competitors. We lead where everyone else just follows.


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