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SQ songs?

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby kamakazi » July 5th, 2021, 4:51 am

Who knows...

In the Wale tune I like how the repeating chorus blends in.
Guns and roses to hear how it deals with fairly fast paced rock music and the voice of Axl

The remixed Marvin tune. I have to preface this one by saying I'm not an audiophile and I don't pretend to be. This demo song is remixed and cleaned up, that all the "authenticity" goes right out the window. But what they have created sounds so good. They play his voice over his voice that makes it sound like a duet. Isolating the vocals, removing a lot of other melodies and increasing the size of the sound stage. I just love it.

Lil John get low - not the bassist tune by any means but will push the bass in most systems.

I generally like orchestral pieces to see if I can identify instruments. The Lindsey Stirling piece cause I also like a country sounding violin

Huey Lewis - not exactly sure if it is mid bass(not sure if it is all vocals) or what is creating it but I like how the vocals blend with it

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby Rovin » July 6th, 2021, 2:12 pm

thanks for taking d time at nearly 5am to explain

never heard d 1st song

have marvin's collection so i will have to give that song a run to refresh my memory

lil jon song 18yrs old already, good for lows to shake d place once ur sub & enclosure able, i wouldnt call it sq but it does gives ur sub a workout

i only discovered Lindsey about a mth back, its different but nice, dynamic song

occasionally i play huey whole album in front my store , good 80s music not necessarily what i wud think of us sq reference stuff but thats just me ...

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby Gladiator » July 6th, 2021, 9:19 pm

Natalie Merchant - Maggie Said, Ladybird, Texas
Jenifer Warnes - Bird on a Wire
Yao Si Ting - Yesterday Once More, Unchained Melody, Speak Softly Love, You rise me Up, (Endless Love Collection)
Micheal Jackson - Liberian Girl
Yello - Planet Dada
Sara K - Stars
Dire Straits - Your Latest Trick
Anges Obel - Dorian

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby ruffneck_12 » July 6th, 2021, 10:25 pm

rollingstock wrote:Michael Jackson dirty Diana has always been one of my go to.

And surprisingly older Bollywood show tunes.

Yeah old Bollywood songs can really test the annoying frequencies QUICK

One setta high pitched something, doh even know the instrument.

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby SR » July 7th, 2021, 6:27 am

Dreams Fleetwood Mac

Bass guitar should not sound as if its comming from the sub but the front of you or at least from the front doors. Good track to check your tuning settings on midbass and sub bass. Also proper installation on the front doors and choice of speakers.

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby X_Factor » July 7th, 2021, 7:56 am

Shallow---at 18 and 38sec there is a very subtle drum bass

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Re: SQ songs?

Postby Rovin » July 9th, 2021, 6:59 pm

3 songs imo that will test d range, depth, tightness, accuracy of ur sub, enclosure design & how well it blends with ur front stage

1st time i heard this in my workshop sub it shake galvanise roof in such a way i really tort was thunder like if rain coming before realizing its d song

a ballad that has some nasty low notes, her voice will test ur front stage too

this heartbeat pulsing beat has a wide dynamic range ...


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