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Negative replies in FS & Commercial Posts will b DELETED

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Negative replies in FS & Commercial Posts will b DELETED

Postby Duane 3NE 2NR » October 3rd, 2006, 7:59 pm

We have been seeing many users replying to FS threads with negative, lowballing or competing remarks. These are not tolerated and will be deleted.

If a reply to an FS thread does not aid or contribute in anyway to the promotion of the sale then the reply will be deleted without notice. If users persist on replying negatively to FS threads or lowballing prices or complaining they will be banned.

The purpose of these classified forums are to provide a place for buyers and sellers. If you feel you have a better price on an item then feel free to make your own FS thread. Do not pollute other users threads even if you feel you are performing your civic duty. If you wish to do so or if a thread seems illegal you should contact Consumer Affairs Division or the Police. TriniTuner will not allow libel, slander, investigations, speculation, accusations or otherwise on our forums.

As a user posting a FS thread or as a power seller you are free to report users who are not contributing to your sale by posting negative comments in your thread. Simply click the report post buttonImage and we will clean the thread for you, repeat offenders will be banned.


Commercial posts without power seller status is not allowed.

A user is only allowed to sell personally used items on our classified forum pages or any sale that does not result in profiteering off of our free service. If users are found to be selling numerous items their sales are deemed commercial and their posts will be deleted.

The Power Seller account allows the user to make commercial sales and advertise items for sale with photos, description and manufacturer links without being deleted.

The Power Seller status costs TT$600 for 6 months, payable upfront.
Due to set up costs, 6 Months is the minimum period offered.




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