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Z Offroad and 4X4 Addicts in Verdant Vale!

Plan out, organise and post pics and vids of your OFF-ROAD adventures. Clubs, crews and associations are welcomed!

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Re: Z Offroad and 4X4 Addicts in Verdant Vale!

Postby .z. » October 18th, 2015, 11:11 am

rottedv wrote:What A Trail!!!

Verdant Vale is a trail not to be taken likely....Only the most seasoned offroaders can really attack this trail and succeed.. Both uphill and downhill will pose challenges even for the most experience offroader. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Had I been somewhere else I may have never seen that trail.....Glad I did and cant wait to try again!

Thanks to Z for the invite. Redemption he said! Hope he got it.

From the very beginning of the trail challenge started. A steep incline to go down into a valley. Riddled with river crossings and steep inclines to go up and down, no point and shoot kind of driving would suffice. Really, drivers skill, equipment and comraderie are the essentials and the 4x4 Addicts were glad that Z was there to show us the way through. Many photo ops and vid ops as well. So many to show how a trail like this can get the heart fluttering the only way adrenaline and addiction can. It was excitement from the word go!!

Enjoy the pics and the Vid....They will speak for themselves!!

A flashback, remembering the old days... ill hit VV again soon...

Chk this vid


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