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Catch the Gulf Fun: PICS (13.06.10)

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Catch the Gulf Fun: PICS (13.06.10)

Postby TTJSRF » June 15th, 2010, 11:18 am

Here are some of the pics from the fun ride from the San Fernando Yacht Club to Tsunami Beach Club held on Sunday 13th June, 2010.

Congratulations to the ten riders who successfully made the run from the San Fernando Yacht Club to Tsunami Beach Club (Anchorage)!

You are officially the first 10 jet ski riders to successfully make the South to North ride under the Trinidad & Tobago Jet Ski Racing Federation.

It was an honor riding at your side!

Kristian Keppel

Shamodeen Salim

Paul Merrick

Arvind Dookhan

Jagdesh Bhaggan

Selwyn Richard Persad

Selwyn Bunny Persad

Jason Chatoor

Kallai Phillip

Sabir Samad
32065_434301700498_583500498_6309260_3721004_n copy.jpg
31281_1416486166765_1070924444_1263235_423106_n copy.jpg
31281_1416485806756_1070924444_1263232_404404_n copy.jpg
31281_1416485686753_1070924444_1263231_550498_n copy.jpg
31281_1416382484173_1070924444_1262801_2761119_n copy.jpg
31281_1416382244167_1070924444_1262799_52371_n copy.jpg
31281_1416381884158_1070924444_1262798_2361410_n copy.jpg
31281_1416339563100_1070924444_1262671_7762542_n copy.jpg
30431_1416339803106_1070924444_1262674_2116435_n copy.jpg
30431_1416339723104_1070924444_1262673_3575735_n copy.jpg
30431_1416339643102_1070924444_1262672_6929130_n copy.jpg
30431_1416339443097_1070924444_1262669_6687342_n copy.jpg
30175_434064115498_583500498_6302314_3699820_n copy.jpg
30065_434053815498_583500498_6302034_1691629_n copy.jpg

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Re: Catch the Gulf Fun: PICS (13.06.10)

Postby Porn Star » June 17th, 2010, 6:09 pm

Very nice.

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Re: Catch the Gulf Fun: PICS (13.06.10)

Postby living louder » April 3rd, 2011, 7:55 am

how hard is it to flip a jet ski?


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