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What to look for when buying a lancer cs3 ?

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What to look for when buying a lancer cs3 ?

Postby patience12 » June 10th, 2021, 8:26 pm

Hey good day was planning on buying a lancer cs3 but I saw there is one problem with them is that the transmission tend to give trouble. So just was wondering what should i look out for?

I previously had a honda civic eg and boy that thing should down on me alot

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Re: What to look for when buying a lancer cs3 ?

Postby MISHI » June 14th, 2021, 10:31 pm

Well prior to more knowledgeable persons on the platform,

Basically the CVT if not treated properly will tend to fail at some point. It is recommended to use the OEM oil for it. As for what to look for where it comes to noises or engagement, I cannot say outright.

-A few CS automatic lancers I know have had issues with the gear shift trigger failing due to heat and wear over time. Some use an aftermarket knob similar to the CK top push style, some just buy back an original knob.

-They have a tendency to rust in the door drain sections, under the front door kick panels, behind the rear fender, and especially behind the lower rear windshield strip. So check with a magnet or something for excessive filler repair or if you can visually see water rust stains on the paint in those areas or swelling.

-Suspension bushings are something you should check on as well. Stabalizer bushes, strut mounts, lower control arm bushes etc. They tend to wear out in CS.

-Timing belt change is a MUST. Find out when last they did and if water pump was done. If you have to do it, iw will be a bit costly, but cheaper than needing to replace the whole motor cause the belt snapped.

They're pretty sound cars though. Just keep on top of your maintenance especially with CVT and you should be fine.


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