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ck2 lancer head gasket problem

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ck2 lancer head gasket problem

Postby Hwells » June 10th, 2020, 6:10 pm

Ok guys will appreciate any advice. CK2 lancer 4g92 engine.

Had car parked up for 2-3 months due to lockdown and no where to go. Started back up 2 weeks now but running real sluggish. Got better with running but still too slow esp from a complete stop. Went to mechanic and did my own research from online.

He says i have a leaking head gasket and showing me some bubbles coming up from the radiator saying exhaust escaping here and causing loss of power. I dont have any oil and coolant mixing as my oil is regular colour and not milk white.

Did some servicing work, spark plug, coil pack , fuel filter change out, tappit gasket and a bottle of redine cleaner for good measure but still same problem.

Thing is didnt have this problem before but it was parked up so how it blow? maybe i didnt notice it. Does need some extra step on the gas to push it foward from usual and does pull off slow from a complete stop.

Tried one of those head gasket bock sealer (bars leak), instructions followed to the letter and no change.

The car working and driving, no smoke coming out as per many of these youtube videos and not overheating as guage is constant on the middle

So question is, would i still even gets parts to change a head gasket, i suppose the head and block need check for warping, or look for another 4g92 engine at good price and swap out? or sell the car at a reduced price? the body and interior is in nice good condition.

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Re: ck2 lancer head gasket problem

Postby Mercenary » June 11th, 2020, 11:49 pm

Head and block u wud get is 4g93 sohc. 1.8 . 4g92 is hard to find foreign used. Look around in the bamboo.

Also there are places that sell parts to refurbish the 92 engine eh but save urself the trouble an go for the 93 sohc.


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