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Sportero Back Pressure?

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Sportero Back Pressure?

Postby Groovemaster » December 20th, 2019, 8:49 pm

After a drive from Freeport to Claxton Bay. I reached home to change the engine oil (first time changing diesel vehicle oil...its a company vehicle). When I opened the oil cap I noticed it smoking. I asked around and a few people said thats a sign of the engine back pressuring.

Its the 4d56 engine and its very sluggish to accelerate and dumps a little cloud of black smoke everytime accelerating from a stop. Once the turbo builds the pressure then it accelerates fine. If i floor it on the highway to overtake it lets out a huge black cloud of smoke

The van got bad diesel from storage tanks at my job back in would throw the water trap light and not cross 20km/h. The last mechanic said keep using a treatment as the injectors are noisy. I've been buying diesel since that water issue in 2017

So my question is....does that mist from the engine mean its back pressuring?
Anyone know a good mechanic who can properly assess the vehicle?


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