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switch below radio marker "naneo" on 2014 Toyota Altis

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switch below radio marker "naneo" on 2014 Toyota Altis

Postby CUTLASSMECHANIC » September 12th, 2020, 6:12 pm

Hello everyone,
Below the radio on my toyota 2014 altis and next to the fog light switch there is another switch marked with the letters "naneo" ( this is what it seems to me)...can anyone tell me what is the function of this switch,
Thanking all in advance

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Re: switch below radio marker "naneo" on 2014 Toyota Altis

Postby ramishrrr » September 24th, 2020, 7:02 am

First things first.
Copying in class is bad. But copying wrong is even worse.
Did you see "naneo" on the button or "nanoe" ?

I can explain the second word "nanoe". The first "naneo', well,.................

Nanoe seems to be something that generates negative ions which are added to the A/C outlet vent which purifies the air.

According to Panasonic the maker, "Nanoe, the revolutionary air-purifying and filtering system. Using nano-technology, fine e-ion particles are released by the system, which deactivate 99% of airborne bacteria and virus in the filter’s indoor unit to ensure the fast cleaning of the air. It also neutralises odours to provide a more pleasant and healthy environment."

I am sure I copied correctly !



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