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AE100 ABS/ Tyre Pressure Light Issue

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AE100 ABS/ Tyre Pressure Light Issue

Postby HSA » September 6th, 2019, 7:27 am


Recently changed my steering rack on my ltouring. Changed ends, bushings etc. complete steering and suspension. As I should, went to align and camber after. While driving home i noticed the tyre pressure light on. The light is like a tyre going flat with two small arrows inside pointing to a dot.

Then my ABS light came on. Went by the meachanic, did a scan, no codes came up. Cleaned all the ABS sensors and they were put in place. Tyre pressures checked and all was good. no leaks

Every morning after warm up. while driving slow out of the yard, the ABS would usually do a check. This is normal and it didnt change. With the ABS light on brakes would work as normal. Didnt mash hard to see if ABS would activate. I would assume there was a problem with the ABS and the car would switch to the normal braking system.

However, this morning while on the highway, the ABS light went out, tyre pressure light still on. Slowing suddenly was normal but if i was driving slow and lightly pressed the brake pedal, the abs activated ( grating sound)

This would only happen if i am driving slowly and brake slowly. not driving fast and brake hard.


Car battery off for a 12 hrs to see if anything could reset

pressing the little black button by your right knee for a few. releasing and holding it down again. this caused the abs to blink rapidly but didnt change the situation. it would do the same maddness when i switch off and restart.

thinking of disabling the abs and using normal brakes cuz this abs activating every time i slowing down sending me crazy.

Any help is appreciated


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