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Iasca Caribbean Announcement

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Iasca Caribbean Announcement

Postby SR » May 20th, 2020, 10:08 am

Good Morning All
Hope all is well with everyone and your families and we are all practicing social distancing and keeping safe
In light of the current pandemic situation affecting us worldwide it s not feasible to continue any championship series for the 2020 season in the Caribbean as competitors may not have the same opportunity island to island.
When shows are eventually restarted bragging rights will just be for each country and not across the Caribbean.
All rules have been updated and now is a good opportunity for everyone to get familiar with the rules and make changes if need be.
For crowd pleaser the current test track will stand for 2020 however we can start looking at new tracks for the 2021 season. In Trinidad we have already conducted Judges training for the 2020 season and there still is a second session for completion. Grenada has already completed competitor training and partial judges training. As soon as Trinidad has opened back up to full movement across the country training will resume for judges and a date will be set for competitor training by Iasca Trinidad. Once borders are fully opened up across the Caribbean we will then resume event sanctioning and training.


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