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IASCA Caribbean 2019 crowd pleaser comp format

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IASCA Caribbean 2019 crowd pleaser comp format

Postby SR » February 18th, 2019, 6:17 am

Iasca Caribbean is pleased to announce its new format for 2019 for the "Crowd Pleaser" style competition format

The Judged aspect of the competition will be as follows
Round 1 45 seconds test track
Judges will score the vehicle sound quality on this test track only and the track will be used for all categories.
Loudness of the vehicle will also be measured with the test track giving everyone a level playing field for being scored for the competition
Round 2 45 seconds Competitor choice on track played for the "crowd pleaser" aspect of the competition

The categories will be as follows

(mids in oem location)
(Mids inside behind b pillar)
Single 10"
Single 12"
Double 10"
Double 12"
(mids inside walls allowed)
Advance 1
Advance 2
Advance 3
Advance 4
(mids outside class)
Ultimate 1
Ultimate 2
Ultimate 3

there is a detailed matrix with further details on the categories covering electrical system and speakers including cone area combination of different sized subs

There will be no deviation from this format once the competition is being judged by Iasca Caribbean.
A new measurement system is also being used with a wireless sensor and will be placed 5 ft in front of each vehicle at a height of 5ft with the exception of the rookie class where the sensor will be placed at the front bumper of the vehicle


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