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Honda speed

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Honda speed

Postby TyeTR » February 16th, 2021, 2:41 am

So I bought a cd4 used from my father in law who builds fast cars (2jz, 1g boosted type sheit). A nice looking cd4 accord, turns out it does 240 kmph, is this good or just okay and I'm overwhelmed.

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Re: Honda speed

Postby CD4Accord » March 1st, 2021, 2:56 pm

That is good for a cd4, but most CD4s in Trinidad didn't come with anti-lock brakes, and some even have drum brakes in the back!! If you try stopping in an emergency from that speed, your post count probably will remain at 1 and you will find a new home 6 feet under. Most didn't come with airbags either in case you are wondering,

I'm not just talking stupidness, in my younger stupider days I was going 200kmph or so and had to make a QUICK emergency stop in my cd4accord and the brake pads on both sides literally cracked, and I had to fight the car to slow down. I upgraded the brakes after.
Also note that over 200+kmph the cd4 accord channels A LOT of air up into the inside of the engine bay by the wheel arches. Most wheel arch liners in accords (fender liners) are secured by some plastic clips. If those clips let go at that speed, (as happened to me once) you will experience what it is like when your tyre runs over your liner and you lose steering on one side. Honestly, I am lucky to still be alive and typing this to you.

I boil down like bhaghi after that when I realised how I coulda lose my life to a $2tt plastic clip.

Note that all this was 10+ years ago when the roads were not so crowded. I don't see how you can ever get up to those speeds nowadays without putting other people life at risk.


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