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L'Touring lemon

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L'Touring lemon

Postby caliconever5 » January 22nd, 2020, 9:07 am

I'm here to warn all new Car buyers of Metal Attitude in BAGNA TRACE, CHASE VILLAGE, Mr. Carl Durham sold me a Corolla L'Touring wagon and being new to cars and naive after explain to this person I don't want a project car because I have a new daughter and hospital bills.

I was sold a lemon as soon as I drove off I knew I had to fix things it's an old car but it turns out I have to invest as much as buying another car into it to get this in good working order. Shame on you Mr. Durham cause the car is still in a mess and bad breaks almost got me killed. So beware of buying used & always take car to mechanic shop to raise vehicle so you can see what's wrong.


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