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Nissan Serena e-Power HFC-27.

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Nissan Serena e-Power HFC-27.

Postby ramishrrr » June 30th, 2019, 7:22 am

Hello All,
Since last year, I came to the conclusion that if we live to see the next ten years, more than 50% of the vehicles on the roads of Trinidad and Tobago will be Hybrids or better still, Fully Electric. Last week I saw one of these e-Power Serenas on our roads.
Please do not encourage your teenagers to be Petroleum Engineers. Just now people from Saudi, Bahrain and other oil countries will be coming to T&T fighting Venezuelans for work !

This article is not mine, and was taken from Green Car Congress.

Nissan Serena’s e-POWER system named RJC Technology of the Year
14 November 2018

Nissan’s e-POWER electrified powertrain , available in the Serena minivan, has been named Technology of the Year for 2019 by the Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan (RJC).

The Nissan Serena became the second model equipped with e-POWER in February 2018, following the Nissan Note e-POWER, which was introduced in Japan in November 2016. The e-POWER system combines an electric motor, which drives the wheels, with a gasoline engine that charges the vehicle’s battery.
Because the wheels are driven by an electric motor, the e-POWER system delivers the powerful, smooth acceleration of an all-electric vehicle, with torque delivery from the system surpassing that of a minivan with a 3.5-liter engine. Used solely to charge the battery, the (1200cc 3-cylinder lengine ike the Note's) gasoline engine runs at a constant, optimal speed for maximum fuel efficiency, achieving 26.2 km/L (62 mpg US, 3.8 l/100 km), Nº 1 in its class.

Fun and comfortable to drive, the Serena e-POWER has been a hit in Japan. Since its launch, 40% of Serena buyers have chosen the e-POWER version. In addition to the system’s powerful acceleration, its e-POWER Drive mode offers the convenience of being able to speed up or decelerate by using only the accelerator pedal. Using the e-POWER Drive mode, stress is relieved as brake pedal application decreases by nearly 70%.

With optimized engine management and noise reduction measures throughout the vehicle body, the Serena e-POWER also transcends its class in terms of quietness.


The e-POWER system is a key part of Nissan’s electrification strategy; Nissan plans to launch more e-POWER models globally.
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Re: Nissan Serena e-Power HFC-27.

Postby Sundar » July 1st, 2019, 10:34 am



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